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Clockpunk: Origins

I have been trying to find out the origins of the word Clockpunk aka the first mention of this work. Most likely it was impromptu but it would be nice to see when and where it was first mentioned. Most likely it must have been somewhere in GURPS. Can you people please help?


Girl Genius

One of our readers, Mark, suggested that the following online comic may be an example of Clockpunk. So here it is.

Girl Genius

The Clockpunk Manifesto

Here is Jay Lake’s somewhat humorous take on Clockpunk. (Don’t forget to read the comments.)

Clockpunk Manifesto
princejvstin has given me the term “clockpunk”, which he apparently got from a GURPS supplement originally. That being said, I’m thinking the world is crying for a Clockpunk Manifesto. (The world just doesn’t know this yet.)

I will now entertain suggestions for resolutions to be included in the Clockpunk Manifesto. I plan to nail it to the door of a bookstore at some point.

Da Vinci Automata Updates

Projects, exams are hitting hard so I have not been able to post much or even read the short stories that have been submitted to the Anthology project. So here is the deal, I will finally get a chance to read the submission in a couple of weeks when I am done with finals. In the mean time I will be posting stuff  that I had saved in the drafts. In the meantime all you Clockers out there keep Clocking!

More on Al-Jaziri


I have been extremely busy with work so have not been able to post as regularly as I would like to post stuff. Hopefully things would be better by the beginning of May. For now here an article on Al-Jazari that recently caught my attention.

Al Jaziri – The ingenious 13th century Muslim mechanic

Losing The Dragonfly An exerpt from Royal House, by Heather McDougal

We have been running a few short stories on the site, here is something equally good – an exceprt from a novel which falls under the Clockpunk genre with some fantasy overtunes. So here is the excerpt.

Exhibition at the History of Science Museum at Oxford

Heather McDougal over at Cabinet of Wonders pointed out that there is exhibition at the Museum of the History of Science, at Oxford University which may be relevant to Clockpunk. It’s called Time and Place: English Country Clocks, 1600-1840. The exhibition ends on April 15, 2007 so hurry up people if you happen to be in UK.

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