Da Vinci Automata in ‘Fundamentals of the Network Neutrality Debates’

Previously I mentioned Tayfun Uslu’s Master’s thesis where he mentioned this blog. Here are the relevant excerpt from Tayfun Uslu’s Master’s Project Thesis, Fundamentals of the Network Neutrality Debates, where he uses DaVinci Automata as an example of autonomy in network information economy.

Davinci Automata* blog is an example of how the Networked Information economy increases individuals’ autonomy. Davinci Automata is a blog on he Clockpunk genre of Science Fiction. It is designed for a segment of the population that is interested in this genre; thus it makes diverse information available to individuals. The owner has the open source tools to customize he blog as he wishes. The readers get turned into users by leaving comments or even submitting their work to be posted in this blog.


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