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Clockpunk Anthology: I Want a Mechanical Echidna

Here is the latest submission for the Anthology project by Meika Loofs Samorzewski. The story was inspired by Douglas Hofstadter’s Gödel, Escher, Bach. Enjoy!

I Want a Mechanical Echidna


Da Vinci Automata Updates

Projects, exams are hitting hard so I have not been able to post much or even read the short stories that have been submitted to the Anthology project. So here is the deal, I will finally get a chance to read the submission in a couple of weeks when I am done with finals. In the mean time I will be posting stuff  that I had saved in the drafts. In the meantime all you Clockers out there keep Clocking!

Clockpunk Anthology: Junkyard Fae

Here is the third submission to the Clockpunk Anthology, so here is Junkyard Fae by Dee Harding. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Clockpunk Anthology: A Matter of Heart

Here is a new submission to the Clockpunk anthology project “A Matter of Heart by Mark Simon“. Be sure to leave your comments on the story page itself.

Clockpunk Anthology: On Deep History

So here is a first submission to the Clockpunk anthology, “On Deep History” by Jim Rossignol. Be sure to leave your comments on the story page itself.

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