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Clockpunk Flickr Galore

Killbox has a Flickr Set on Clockpunk related images. Aesthetically pleasing and would definitely put a smile on any Clockpunker’s face.


Robot Carnival

Robot Carnival is a Japanese Anime anthology with many elements of Clockpunk. Especially the following short (excerpted from Wikipedia is of much relevance to Clockpunk.

Presence: Directed by Yasuomi Umetsu. This segment (featuring dialogue) tells the story of a man who has an obsession with a robot girl he has been secretly constructing in an attempt to compensate for the lack of any close relationship with his wife and family. The setting seems to be British and of the early twentieth century, but also suggests another planet or a future which has attempted to re-establish a former social structure. When the robot takes on a personality of her own, far beyond what the man had programmed, he smashes her in a fit of panic, and leaves his secret laboratory for what he believes is the last time. Twenty years later, the man has a vision of his robot appearing before him, but then blowing up before he can take her hand. He returns to his shed to find the robot still sitting smashed in a corner, just as she had been left years earlier. Another twenty years elapse, and the robot appears again before the man. This time, he takes her hand and walks into the distance with her, before vanishing in front of his shocked wife.



Brenden sent me an e-mail stating that he and his friend Holly “rewrote the script of the movie Hackers as a Victorian clockpunk adventure, including a “Da Vinci Automaton” that threatens to destroy London.” I am glad that he sent us the e-mail as the result is really terrafic. On his blog he also describes how the idea of the story originated

Instead, Holly and I spent a few weeks interpolating the movie script into 1860s London, replacing the absurd computer-feats with absurd clockwork and technobabble with Victorian slang.

I especially liked their slogan, “Clock the Planet.” The script of their Hackers parody is available on the Clockers website. Additionally they also have audio of the ‘movie’ in mp3 and ogg. Check out the Clockers at the following URL:  (Highly Recommended)

Mechanical Clockwork Screensaver


Found via Brass Goggles, here is a really cool  mechanical clock screensaver. It was free for a day which I seemed to have missed but even the shareware version, which has some limitations is pretty cool. Check it out here.

I Love Clockpunk


A friend of mine noticed this item, an “I Love Clockpunk” sweatshirt, on Amazon and forwarded the link to me. I had no idea who came up with the idea about the swearshirt but here it is. It seems to be related to the punk genre of music, other than that I do not have much info. Please let me know if someone knows more about it.

Here is the link to the item on

Fury – A Clockpunk Screenplay

Joseph Francis, one of the readers of Da Vinci Automata left a comment about a screenplay that he had written some time on what seems to be a Clockpunk story. We thought that it deserved mention on the main page, so with his permission, here the description.

Back in 1995 I wrote a screenplay called “Fury” which was based in the Rennaissance.

The Ottoman ambassador is murdered during peace treaty negotiations with the Venetians.

Not wishing a war to escalate, The venetians engage their best agent, A Renaissance-era superspy, equipped with the latest fifteenth century high tech espionage gear courtesy of a young Leonardo da Vinci, and task him with solving the murder.

The story escalates and we come to learn that the villain is an angry Byzantine who has stumbled across germ theory and realizes he can retake Contantinople by flooding it with plague rats.

Post 9/11 I rewrote it to deemphazise the Ottoman/Venetian conflict and made the villain the worlds first mafia don, a man who is inventing the concept of organized crime. The story in this version escalates when he discovers an ancient chinese magnetically powered rail gun called “The Horn of the Ram” that smashed the walls of Jericho (mistranslated in the bible as Joshua blew the ram’s horn and the walls fell)

The hero is still my Renaissance-era ‘James Bond’ figure, although in the later version I introduce Lucrezia Borgia as the villain’s “moll.” I also have Machiavelli as the leader of the Ten of War, who fulfills a role loosely similar to “M” in the Bond franchise.

I’ve kept this material to myself (other than shopping it around Hollywood) for years, but now that I see it is entering the public conciousness more I see no further reason not to talk about it.

Rise of Legends

The Rise of Legends is a PC game set in fantasy world and is similar to the Rise of Nations game, the main difference being that there are three factions – one technological, one magical and one is demi-god like. The technological faction is called the Vinci and is inspired from Renaissance Italy, thus the relevance to Clockpunk. While some of the technologies featured in the game can only be put under the banner of Steampunk, the designs of machines are heavily influenced by the Italian master and the Vinci civilization seems to be an alternate version of Renaissance Italy. Many of the units are based on Clockwork. A ‘pure’ Clockpunk themed game has still to come out.

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